Kitten Osamu plays detective

"What is going on under the covers?" Kitty Osamu wonders, puzzled. In this video, the playful velvet paw carefully tries to find out what is hidden under the blue cover. Has an unwanted guest sneaked into the young cat's home?

Of course not! A playmate from Osamu, who actually wanted to take a short nap, was hiding under the blanket. But the little cranky guy has other plans and hops around happily on the bed. "Come on out! I want to play with you!", The mini-kitty seems to want to tell her roommate, but he remains uninterested under the warm fabric. "Okay, then the hard way!" Says Osamu and keeps jumping on the sleeping cat to get her out of hiding.

Of course, the sleepy hat is not enthusiastic about this, it comes out of its sleeping quarters and kabels with the young animal. But in the end everything is fine and the two room tigers cuddle together again. Dearest!

Pillows, blankets, beds: ten cats are comfortable!

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