Bitch Sandy wants to play with dolphins

Bitch Sandy wants to play with dolphins

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In the video you can see bitch Sandy how she wants to swim with dolphins! And the daredevil swimmer also puts her wish into practice by simply jumping from the boat deck into the sea after a short thought and crawling over to the lovely sea animals with her new friend Joe Noonan.

Sandy is obviously interested in the cute dolphins, who frolic around the boat. When Joe, who regularly leads people to swim with the marine mammals, jumps into the sea, the brave "female seal" Sandy simply follows him. You are already swimming. Under the video, Joe reports that Sandy is a particularly good swimmer and has often covered long distances in the water. And it is true, as the bitch impressively presents in the video, when she swims straight towards the group of dolphins.

Water fun with dolphins: pictures of the great marine mammals

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