Find cat sitters: 3 tips for making the right choice

People cannot always be at home and cats cannot be alone for too long. The solution: find a cat sitter! The Catsitter helps you to take care of all the needs of your velvet paw in your absence - for example, due to work or a trip. It is important that you look carefully when choosing the person you trust. The following three tips will show you how to find the right cat sitter. The cat sitter should please both the owner and the cat; getting to know each other is the be all and end all - Shutterstock / sima

The tasks of a cat sitter usually include everything that you also have to do as a cat owner. From cleaning the litter box, feeding and playing, to cuddling and making sure that the kitty is healthy, a cat sitter should have the entire spectrum of cat keeping in their repertoire. You can find a cat sitter on the Internet, for example, on relevant portals, at agencies or in newspaper advertisements.

1. Professional competence and experience

If you want to find a good cat sitter, make sure that it is competent. Does the cat sitter have any experience with cats? It is best to ask for references and qualifications that the cat sitter can at best provide. So that you can leave your velvet paw with a clear conscience in the care of the cat sitter, he should master more than just filling cat food into the bowl.

At best, he or she understands the needs of the fur nose and knows what to do in emergencies. Ideally, he even masters life-saving measures and knows the special needs and requirements of different cat breeds, especially yours, of course. The catsitter should also have liability insurance.

2. Trust is the basis

Make sure that the catsitter is sympathetic to you and makes a neat and reliable impression. Only when the person appeals to you and you trust them can you leave your kitty with him or her with a good feeling. If the applicant appears bored, sloppy or somehow strange to you during the interview, you should better find another cat sitter.

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3. Trial day is important

Even if the cat sitter appeals to you personally and also has experience with cats, you should always play it safe. With a trial day you will find out whether it is right between your fur nose and the catsitter. Invite the cat sitter to your apartment and introduce it to your cat. How does your kitty react to him or her? If the two don't get along even after the first phase of getting to know each other, the choice is probably wrong. Tip: If you are planning a longer vacation, it is advisable to get to know each other several times before the "real thing".

A trial day is also important so that the cat sitter can find his way around your home. Explain everything necessary to him and make sure that he takes the matter seriously and listens to you. You should also always provide the catsitter with all important information, such as medication or special features about your cat, and put them in writing together with your contact details and those of your veterinarian.

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