How can I treat incontinence in dogs?

Dog incontinence can have various causes. If your veterinarian has determined why your four-legged friend is incontinent, he can treat him accordingly. Therapy options include certain medications or surgical interventions. If a dog suffers from incontinence, only the vet can help - Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Before the veterinarian can treat your dog's incontinence, the vet must examine why your pet is losing urine in an uncontrolled manner. The further course of therapy depends on this.

Get veterinary treatment for incontinence in dogs

A bitch's incontinence can be hormone-related due to an estrogen deficiency. In this case, the veterinarian can prescribe a hormone supplement to make up for the deficiency. An estrogen supplement can also be considered to treat an incontinent, neutered male. If something is wrong with your incontinent dog's sphincter sphincter, certain medications, or sometimes surgery, may help.

Surgery is also recommended if your dog has incontinence due to congenital malformations. For example, collagen can be injected into the mucous membrane of the urethra or a Teflon implant can be used. If a tumor is the cause of incontinence, surgery can have a soothing effect; if it has not yet metastasized, the tumor can be excised. If the uncontrolled loss of urine is due to a urinary tract infection, antibiotics are usually the method of choice.

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What you can do yourself

Follow your veterinarian's instructions very carefully and ask if you don't understand or forget something. Give your incontinent dog a drink as usual, never reduce the amount of water. However, you can take an extra walk of gas late in the evening so that your four-legged friend can loosen up again before going to bed.

Try to keep your pet's genital area clean - wipe the butt and genital area with a little warm water. In addition, there are special diapers for dogs with incontinence, which hardly restrict the animal's freedom of movement and provide him with relief.

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