Agility training for dogs: what is it actually?

Many dog ​​owners have heard of agility training for dogs. Find out what is behind this training method here. The tunnel: part of the agility obstacle course - Image: Shutterstock / Dalibor Sosna

Agility training for the dog is a short and concise form of a modern dog sport, in which the four-legged friend goes through an obstacle course accompanied by mistress or master. The umbrella organization FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), which is responsible for the systematization of dog breeds, describes the agility training for the dog in its competition regulations as follows: “Agility is a discipline that is open to all dogs. It is to let the dogs overcome the various obstacles with the intent to test their intelligence and agility. "

Agility as the official dog sport

The agility training originally came from dog-crazy Great Britain. As early as the 1980s, the special program for the four-legged friends and the respective dog owner also enjoyed increasing popularity in Germany. Initially intended as a little fun for in between, the dog's agility training has long since developed into an international sport in which dogs and humans compete against other teams as a team.

Together on the course: No one fights alone

The extremely versatile dog sport is not only fun for the four-legged friend, but also keeps him busy. Because agility training requires good coordination and a strong relationship of trust between animals and humans. The course as such consists of various obstacles that must be overcome as quickly as possible. For this, of course, extensive training is necessary, which not only keeps the dog fit, but also benefits people.

Dog sport agility: the obstacle course in pictures

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