Patchwork Family: Dog gives the bottle to lamb

The English Springer Spaniel is known for being a great family dog. He makes no exception with sweet lambs: he patiently makes one on sheep mum and gives the cute lamb the bottle. He patiently holds them in his mouth and ensures that the little sheep can replenish his milk supply.

The scenery almost looks a bit cheesy: green meadows and rolling hills in the background. In the foreground: The English Springer Spaniel with a milk bottle in its mouth. With her eyes closed, the sweet lamb sucks on it and wags its tail. Soon there is a little milk beard around the pink mouth. Quite unimpressed that it is not actually his mother, he sucks and sucks. The English Springer Spaniel is actually a sniffer dog and not a herding dog: And it is true: here he has the right nose for a loving friendship service. There are more cute dogs here

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