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Can a woodpecker get a headache?

Can a woodpecker get a headache?

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Well hammered: Fortunately, the woodpecker does not get a headache - Image: Shutterstock / Dennis Molenaar

The woodpecker has the most animal of all sledgehammers. He chops an incredible hundred times in just one minute with his beak into tough tree bark. A fascinating sight, but it raises the question of whether the birds are not suffering from a headache at the intensity and speed presented. Click here for fascinating pictures from the bird world.

If the Klitschko brothers were to endure the intensity of these impact speeds for even a minute - the boxing world champions would soon find their way onto the boards. But what about the woodpecker? Do the dainty birds have a headache when they act as spring sledgehammers? One or two bipeds already have their skulls roaring when they look at them, how can the animals endure this?

Woodpecker: animal sledgehammer without a headache

Migraine? Wrong! Mother Nature has equipped the woodpecker so that its brain lies over an axis made of stable bones. This extends from the beak to the back of the head. For this reason, in conjunction with strong muscles on the back of the head, a large part of the force and released energy is cushioned in a natural way. The choice of words "animal shock absorber system" is anything but inappropriate in this context. But that's not all: the woodpecker's beak has a slight kink. So part of the energy is converted into a few painful tensile forces.

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