Protect dog paws from ice, sand and road salt

Protect dog paws from ice, sand and road salt - Image: Shutterstock / AnetaPics

With snow and ice, road salt, sand and split are not long in coming. Now it's time to protect the dog's paws. Because what should keep master on the legs, can badly clog the bales of our loyal four-legged friends. Even if Christmas and New Year's Eve were relatively mild - the next cold spell is bound to come, and with it ice and grit.

Winter walks through the snow are quite to the taste of many dogs, but the way to the white splendor can be quite rocky. And that in the truest sense of the word: it snows and freezes, is scattered everywhere. Whether sand, split or road salt - everything can put a lot of strain on the bales. The skin becomes cracked and injuries occur.

Vaseline protects dog paws in snow and ice

If you want to protect the dog's paws of your favorite, you should therefore use petroleum jelly and carefully apply cream to the bales before each walk. This way the skin of the bales does not crack and you can enjoy a trip into the white winter world with your dog. However, never use creams that contain tea tree oil. This is toxic to your four-legged friend if he licks his paws.

Rinse off litter with lukewarm water

When you get back home, don't forget to rinse the dog's paws with lukewarm water. How to gently remove all litter from the sensitive bales and prevent your dog from licking these residues and causing stomach problems, according to the animal protection association "Vier Pfoten".

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