Happy Quokka: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Happiness is what you make of it - this well-known saying seems to have made a particularly satisfied looking Quokka a life motto. Even annoying tasks such as collecting food become an all-round task that the cute marsupial always does with a big grin on his face.

Is this short-tailed kangaroo the happiest animal in the world? You don't know exactly, but the facial expressions of the kangaroo in mini format reveal: The furry tots just have to have fun in life, and with Quokka the hard everyday life is playful. Seldom has one seen such a satisfied smile in the animal world.

Perhaps it is because this specimen of marsupials native to Australia sees the sun more often than some of its peers. Usually the herbivorous short-tailed kangaroos are nocturnal and rarely seen on the "Bright Side of Life". They prefer to sleep during the day and hide in the thicket of plants.

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