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Lightning-fast hunting: diving with Adelie penguins

Lightning-fast hunting: diving with Adelie penguins

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Japanese researchers have published fascinating underwater photos of Adelie penguins. They show the water birds hunting for krill and fish. The new thing about it: the tailcoats were not filmed by divers, but were given a camera. So we can go diving with the penguins and hunt for food.

The underwater pictures are already over two years old, but only now have the Japanese researchers from the National Institute of Polar Research in Tokyo published the spectacular moving images. For this they traveled to Antarctica, more precisely to Lützow-Holm-Bay, according to the "Spiegel". There they strapped 14 Adelie penguins to an underwater camera. The aim was to investigate the hunting behavior of water birds.

Adelie penguins hunting: prey has no chance

One of the results of this study: The prey of the penguins is mostly without a chance. The tailcoats move so fast under water that neither krill nor fish notice the attack at all - they were caught. The video recordings show that the Adelie penguins not only dive quickly, but can also move their heads at lightning speed to individually pick Krill crabs out of a flock. The slow-motion technique makes it easy to observe the animals while hunting.

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