Snake on tour: car ride ends tragically

What would you do if a snake suddenly appeared in front of the windshield while driving? Continue? Stop? This family decides to continue driving, sealing the tragic fate of the stowaway.

We recently reported that a snake traveled as a stowaway on a plane and had to pay for this action with its life. A snake also plays the main role in this video: same plot and unfortunately also the same tragic ending.

When the reptile appears in front of the windshield while driving, the young family is terrified. The father immediately starts filming the unusual event. An alternative option would be to turn right to hope that the stowaway will voluntarily descend. The video shows that the snake crawls over the bonnet at full speed and ultimately falls over the wing mirror onto the highway - only to be overrun by the vehicles behind it. A sad ending, but who knows exactly how he would have reacted in such a situation?

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