Mission Impossible: Hunt for the red dot

There can only be one. The living room is not big enough for a red dot and a cat. It is the ultimate hunt. When the otherwise lazy cuddly tigers see the round, red enemy in front of them, there is no stopping them.

They'll never get him, but they don't care. Cats chase the famous red dot of a laser pointer until it falls over. The paws are running at full speed and people can only see the contrails of the wool ball racing by. Just sleeping peacefully in the basket, the next second on a wild hunt.

The agile fellows in this video are no exception. They tirelessly chase the fleeing red dot. The fact that the whole thing is actually an advertising clip for a professional camera does not bother the red miniature cats at all. You only know one goal: the red dot. With full physical exertion it goes over tiles and carpet. Will they finally defeat the red dot? You have to decide that yourself. The end of the video leaves room for speculation.

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