Cat videos on the Internet make you addicted

Funny and cute cat videos are a hit on the Internet - the well-known saying "They go off like Schmitz cats" takes on a whole new meaning. No wonder, the velvet paws are just too cute to not like to look at them. And the four-legged friends also like to step into one or the other fat bowl. As a curious case from the USA shows, the videos can even make you "dependent". Image: Shutterstock / Liliya Kulianionak

Pretty much every employer will be annoyed that the Internet offers so many stimuli that distract from the actual work. Especially for people who work professionally with a computer, the temptation is great to take a little break from everyday work here and there. Animal lovers are particularly fond of watching cat videos, funny and cute, which are now millions of times on portals like YouTube.

For an American, the "love" for cat videos has now been doomed, as the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" reports. The software developer enjoyed watching the fluffy four-legged friends' videos so simply that he lacked the time to work. So he secretly hired a Chinese man to do the work for him on the PC - the World Wide Web makes it possible. The whole thing of course blew up and there was a lot of trouble - and of course mockery and ridicule from all sides. But let's be honest: Who doesn't prefer to watch cat videos on the Internet instead of working?

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