Ragdoll cat: gentle giant with blue eyes

Ragdoll cats are valuable and beautiful with their point drawing, soft fur and gentle facial expression. Ragdoll cat: The blue eyes are a distinguishing mark - Image: Shutterstock / Natalia V Guseva Ragdoll cats love it as cozy as this youngster here - Image: Shutterstock / Anneka The Ragdoll cat looks asleep - Image: Shutterstock / cath5 The Ragdoll cat is curious, like most of its peers - Image: Shutterstock / Tony Campbell The point pattern of the Ragdoll cat is sometimes lighter, sometimes darker - Image: Shutterstock / cath5 Rare: Ragdoll cat with tabby pattern - Image: Shutterstock / Eric Isselee Ragdoll cats are born white, their point pattern only develops over time - Image: Shutterstock / cath5 Ragdoll cats like to explore their environment - Image: Shutterstock / Tony Bowler Beautiful Ragdoll cat in profile - Image: Shutterstock / 11A Photography

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