Boo: The Facebook star is considered the sweetest dog in the world

Zwergspitz Boo has his own account on Twitter, six million fans on Facebook, button eyes and a teddy bear hairstyle - which earned him the title "cutest dog in the world". And now he has also written a book. Image: 2012 Facebook - Boo

Teddy-Boo, the animal Facebook star

In the beginning, his shaggy hair was so knotted that it had to be shaved off, which earned him his teddy bear hairstyle. If you add his black button eyes and his puppy look, it quickly becomes clear how this little guy became the cutest dog in the world.

His title: The cutest dog in the world

His world career then started more by accident. Friends of his mistress wanted to see photos of him. A Facebook page was set up for fun and Boo became a world star - he now has over six million friends there and he greets them with the words: "My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good."

Celebrities also have the dog with their own Twitter account and adorn themselves with the virtual friendship of the cute four-legged friend. But that's not all, because some time ago his first book was published: "Boo, the life of the world's sweetest dog". Of course, the cute cuddly owl also reveals what it's about. In short, he writes: "This book is about my life as a small dog in a big world."

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