Tigers love stripes - even underneath

The world's largest cat and its tiger stripes: the tiger's fur is inextricably linked to this pattern. But what do the graceful animals actually wear underneath on the skin? Let's put it this way: double is better. Image: hyena1515 -

Tiger stripes: look at the stripes, baby!

The tiger stripes are unique to each of these beautiful animals - no two tigers are the same. Scientists are usually reluctant to ask cats to take a paw print for identification. So they choose the safe option and identify individual tigers based on their fur. And despite the majestic beauty of these creatures, we would certainly do something similar.

Majestic look for skin and fur

But did you already know that the identical pattern of the tiger stripes can also be found on the skin of the big cats? Double is better. And one could say: Wherever there is a tiger, there is also a tiger underneath - and inside anyway.

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