No Christmas, be happy: cat ends Christmas

At some point Christmas must come to an end! No more cookies, unnecessary gifts and all the Christmas poodle. At least that is what this cat thinks and pulls the annoying singing reindeer into the far corner. That it stays there for at least a year!

"Don't worry, be happy", the well-known melody resounds unmistakably from the singing reindeer. "Finally be happy again and away with the Christmas party!" As if you could read the thoughts of the velvet paw, the reindeer is dragged away from the fireplace with firm determination. Far, far away, somewhere where no one can find it.

But what can you do as a cat when the ungrateful owner abruptly ends the rescue operation for good taste and brings the singing plastic toy back to its original place? The fight against Christmas is resigned and the singing reindeer screams after the velvet paw: "Don't worry, be happy!".

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