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Norman, the Briard: animal all-rounder

Multitasking is one thing. It is often asked for, but only a few prove to be worthy of the task. Norman, a three-year-old Briard pedigree dog, on the other hand, shows a tendency to overqualification: he rides a bicycle, skateboard, kickboard and also works as a chauffeur.

Norman: A Briard dog with a love for diversity

If you need a first animal eye-catcher in the new year, Norman, a shaggy Briard breed dog, is at the right address. The three-year-old male has a lot to offer: he rides a bike, kickboard, and skateboard. But that's not all. He knows his role as best friend and helper of man well enough to know that you can pull the two-legged friends through the landscapes with a healthy dose of dog PS. So the Briard likes to work as a chauffeur.

From bicycle rider to internet sensation

Americans understand marketing, you have to give them that. So also Karen, Norman's mistress and clever dog entrepreneur. A website and Facebook profile were followed by appearances in talk shows and an online shop. There is everything his heart desires for his fans. T-shirts, mugs or stickers. Just no bicycles or skateboards - Norman prefers to claim them for himself.

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