40,000 penguin sweaters: fashionable lifesavers

Australia is home to around 40,000 penguin sweaters, perhaps the largest knitwear store in the world. But why not wear tails? Quite simply: The fashionable knitted covers, which have been donated to Phillip Island National Park near Melbourne from all over the world, serve animal welfare in the event of oil spills. Fashionable lifesaver 40,000 penguin sweaters for Australia - Image:

Knitting instructions for penguin sweaters - Image: One of the rescued pygmy penguins from New Zealand - Image: Youtube / afpde

40,000 penguins were dressed in the fashionable knitted sweaters that are currently stored in the Phillip Island National Park - more than any penguins living there. But this is how you are best equipped for an emergency, because the huge clothing store serves a good purpose: in the event of an oil disaster, the penguin sweaters serve to protect the cute animals. They prevent the actually passionate tailcoats from cleaning their plumage with their beaks, because the oil they absorb would poison them. In addition, the dirty plumage no longer provides enough heat, so the knitted sweaters also help to prevent cooling.

The sweaters were donated tens of thousands from all over the world. After the call, knitting patterns were published in many media. Among other things on the tourism website of the city of Melbourne "". These served as a template for the knitting enthusiasts across the globe. In many places, they quickly formed into knitting associations. Whether it's a retirement home or day care center - penguin sweaters were produced everywhere and then sent to Australia.

The response was greater than expected, so that those responsible at Phillip Island National Park are considering transferring part of the donations to other rescue stations. In one case you could even help successfully. When the freighter "Rena" broke off in New Zealand in 2011, 97 percent of the 400 penguins affected were released happily and happily into freedom.

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