Happy New Year! How the wildlife is preparing for the new year

Happy New Year! How the wildlife is preparing for the new year

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Another month, then the new year begins - and "a happy new year" needs to be practiced. This also applies to the funny world of animals, in which apparently every species prepares for New Year in a very similar way. Here is our selection of the weirdest videos in which funny four-legged friends are preparing for a happy new year after 2013.

The cute kitty in this video doesn't seem to like the common custom of slipping into the New Year. With all four paws stretched out, one of the kittens tries to brake the way down, but it doesn't quite work. How good that mom has an eye on the little one and rushes to help. His sibling is a little less lucky and ends up rudely on his bottom at the end of the slide.

The Doberman can see a much greater anticipation for New Year in this video. Obviously, he wants to skip several years straight away - and does one good slide after the next.

It seems the same thing happens to these cute panda babies in the Chengdu panda station: The video proves that the clumsy little ones love to fall down on their wooden slides, face down. Just stupid that the Chinese New Year is still a bit longer.

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