"Oooh!" - cute animal pictures increase the concentration

"Oooh!" - cute animal pictures increase the concentration

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Do you keep bringing crazy animal pictures of fluffy kittens and cheeping chicks out of your mind and you can no longer concentrate on anything else? Then maybe something is wrong with you - at least if you believe Japanese researchers: Because they want to have found out in an experiment that pictures of cute animals increase the ability to concentrate. Does this sweet cat look increase your concentration? - Image: (CC) Flickr / thiloleibelt

Does this sweet cat look increase your concentration? - Image: (CC) Flickr / thiloleibelt The sweet dog look always works - also as a concentration exercise? - Picture: (CC) Flickr / Magnus Brà ¥ th

Big eyes, round heads - it is no longer a secret that we humans jump on the childish scheme. But you should actually think that concentration is quickly over when we look into the cute googly eyes of baby animals. Try it out and look into these cat eyes ...

How is your concentration now? The new media magazine "t3n" reports on an experiment that researchers from Hiroshima University in Japan carried out. Two test groups were presented with either adult animals or cute young animals. Subsequently, the subjects had to try a video game. The result was clear: With the cute animal image in the head, it played faster and more successfully. This was confirmed in a second experiment, in which the test subjects also had to demonstrate their ability to concentrate. Cute animal pictures were the key to success again.

The effect only lasts a few minutes. The sight of lovely animal photos does not improve the performance of the human brain either - a shame actually! However, we animal lovers know one thing very well: cute animal pictures let us survive everyday life much more relaxed. So, start the day with this adorable boxer ...

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