Reproduction in fish: A little bit bi never hurts

Reproduction in fish: A little bit bi never hurts

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It depends on the character? Far from it: reproduction in fish follows a different pattern, as scientists have been able to prove. Bisexual male comrades are particularly popular with women under the sea. Because those who are particularly sexually active promise health and fitness - an ideal papafish! Reproduction in fish: bisexual partners have an advantage - Image: Shutterstock / Rich Carey

Women have always known it: gay men are somehow more attractive - at least you hear such sayings over and over again. Evolutionary biologists in Frankfurt have now been able to demonstrate why this is the case - at least for our scaly friends in the sea: Only those who are sexually active are sexy for fish reproduction - and this applies especially to the bisexual representatives, after all, they are open to both genders.

"In the foreground, homosexual behavior, although it can be found in almost all animal species, should reduce the reproductive success of an individual," says Dr. Martin Plath, one of the leaders of the study. But the opposite is the case. In order to find out, the research team of Kärpfling females had presented various videos and observed their behavior. It was found that the excitement increased more clearly when the scaly ladies were allowed to look at homosexual turmoil. Of course, no one asks about the character under water anyway, but sexual activity is definitely a trump card and a significant quality feature from the point of view of the Kärpfling females. And of course, this can be best lived out when the males swim bisexually through the vastness of the sea. The researchers suspect that this behavior could possibly be transferred to other animal species.

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