Orca-Wal Keiko: tragic movie star from "Free Willy"

His cinematic leap into freedom made Orca Keiko world famous. The whale was also released from the wild. But the animal from "Free Willy" could no longer get used to a life without people. Image: Shutterstock / CampCrazy Photography

Keiko: An orca on the go

The stone wall is at least three meters high, behind it lies the freedom of the ocean. Orca Willy takes a truly Whale approach and at the climax of the film skips the obstacle to escape his tormentors. The family film "Free Willy" made the animal famous around the world and fueled the efforts of its fans to give it freedom even in real life.

Free Willy had forgotten freedom

But he had to learn this first. Orca Keiko was released under enormous financial expenses. The animal could no longer get used to a life without people. Keiko found no connection to his peers and tried to be close to people until the end. The orca died of pneumonia in a Norwegian fjord.

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