Kolibri: feather-light flight expert with high numbers of strokes

What wings! 90 beats per second, up to 200 when courtship flying! The hummingbird has by far the fastest wing beat in the animal world.

Flapp my wing, baby

They can fly sideways and backwards, and because of their incredible wing beat, they can even stand in the air. The hummingbird manages up to 90 beats per second - in normal conditions. When the happiness hormones of falling in love flood his thinking, he even manages 200 strokes during the courtship flight.

Hummingbirds: an aerodynamic marvel

The reason for this extraordinary ability lies in the wing beat itself. The majority of birds fold their wings as they move up and closer to the body to reduce drag. With the hummingbird, on the other hand, scientists were able to detect a rotational movement, which makes the upward movement aerodynamic. The upper arm bone is also turned when the wings are flapped and not just moved up and down. The result? These rotary movements ensure a stronger and more energy-efficient wing beat.

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