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Off to winter: Dog puppies get their first sled dog lesson

What excitement at Chinook! The cute puppies get their first visit from their father Tom. But that's not the only new thing for the little balls of fur on this exciting day: With nine weeks they are now ready to learn their first sled dog lesson.

The small Chinook puppies are representatives of a very rare breed of dog that was specially bred for use as a sled dog. Even if you can't really imagine that with the clumsy little puppies, they become powerfully muscular and cold-resistant sled dogs.

The small, fearless kaya starts. First of all, she gets a tiny set of dishes to get used to the feeling. Then it's her brother's turn, who actually prefers to explore the area alone. Would that work out well if they were to pull the little red car as a team? Your task: To deliver the delicious dry dog ​​food to your dog's parents.

At first, the clumsy Chinook puppies are not quite sure which direction to take. And then the wagon with the feed tips over! But the puppy siblings learn quickly and after a few cute attempts they have it out. They run in the same direction and bring the car with the dry food to their parents. Even if a lot was spilled on the way: These cute puppies are guaranteed to become great sled dogs!

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