These cute sloths are the new documentary stars

Even if speed is usually not one of the things that sloths do - our hearts have immediately won over the leisurely climbing experts with their faithful eyes and somewhat awkward movements. The often rather ridiculed animals are the stars of a documentary that already has numerous fans in the USA and England.

The trailer is already promising: the cute sloths are crawling, climbing and cuddling everywhere. Of course, they are never in a hurry. All the more time for us spectators to watch the somewhat awkward, but therefore no less sweet, inhabitants of tropical tree tops with their funny and heart-wrenching actions.

We owe the pictures of the zoologist and filmmaker Lucy Cooke, who produced the video material for the US documentary "Too Cute! Baby Sloths". By the way, sloth is the English name for the cute sloths. The documentary also appeared in England. Here, however, under the name "Meet the Sloths".

Incidentally, the recordings come from the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica, where the little unfortunate raven Sebastian, who suffers from skin problems, is also spiced up.

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