Cat and dolphin: unusual cuddling hour

We already knew that our culinary velvet paws can rarely say no to fish - but that cats cuddle with dolphins is new. After initial skepticism, the strange animal couple seems to have become really fond of each other, as this video find shows.

What loves teasing himself. This truism also clearly applies to the animal world, as this unusual encounter between cat and dolphin shows: it takes a few nudges and gentle strokes with the paw until cat Arthur and the dolphin make friends.

Water fun with dolphins: pictures of the great marine mammals

As soon as the ice is broken, the unequal pair of animals seems inseparable. Arthur distributes his loving cuddling units by repeatedly stroking his face with the sea mammal's snout. Enthusiastic about so much affection, the patient dolphin holds out his muzzle to his hairy friend at the pool edge and does not shrink from his paw. With this the curious cat does not hit, but wants to lure her gray friend closer to the shore for more and more cuddling attacks. The two thus join the ranks of the most unusual animal friendships.

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