How to recognize a good dog breeder

If you have made the decision to enrich your life with a puppy of a pedigree dog, you have to look for a dog breeder. You should take enough time to choose the breeder. After all, the new family member should be healthy and have grown up under appropriate conditions. Here are the best tips on how to recognize a good dog breeder. Jack Russel Terrier puppy on the meadow: the overall impression should be right - Image: Shutterstock / Utekhina Anna

A reputable dog breeder should have specialized in a dog breed, because this alone requires a great deal of specialist knowledge. You should ask him about the number of bitches, because there should be no more than three active bitches. The animals should live in a house with the breeding family, while the bitch should not have more than one litter per year. A committed and trustworthy breeder will ask you explicitly about your living conditions and want to examine the future home of the little four-legged friend on your own, as he does not sell his animals to everyone who is interested.

Recognize good dog breeders: Pay attention to the environment

A good dog breeder should give you answers to all questions without reluctance and should point out any problematic dispositions of a breed. The dog puppies should be vaccinated and dewormed. Another aspect is the relationship between the breeder and his dogs. Do the animals like to come to him? Is there a loving, caring relationship between dogs and breeders? The environment in which the puppies grow up also plays an important role: it should be clean, odorless and there should be enough play and employment opportunities. Become suspicious if the breeder doesn't want to show you the puppies in their usual environment - he might want to hide something.

Confidence beyond the purchase

The dog breeder you trust should be able to provide you with photos and documents about the stud dogs at all times. Once the decision has been made to buy, he should be able to show you the different traits of the individual puppies in order to discuss which of the animals suits you best. In the last instance, an official purchase contract is drawn up. A good dog breeder will, in the interest of the dog, agree to take the puppy back in case of problems.

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