For cuddling and hiding: the cat house

For cuddling and hiding: the cat house

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Inside, the cat house is like a cave for the cat and is suitable for playing, hiding and sleeping. Outside it protects the velvet paws from wind and weather and can even provide warm paws. For cuddling and hiding: The cat house - Image: Shutterstock / Oksana Kuzmina

1. Nice and warm and fluffy: the cozy house

Your cat can move into this small but beautiful cat house right away! House tigers love to hide and if the space for it is as cozy and cozy as this house here, it is twice as much fun. Retreat, new toys and accessories for your living room: the cozy house is all in one.

2. Coziest playground in the world? The jungle house

This spacious cat house is surrounded by greenery and is really particularly beautiful. After a short rest in the cozy cave, the proud owner of this cat toy can, if he wants, sharpen his claws on the integrated scratching post - the day can hardly start better, right?

3. For the outdoors: Comfortable cat house with heating

Sure, it's nicest outside, but sometimes a bit cold and then of all things, Mister is not there to open the door. The perfect solution for in between: A small cat house that protects against rain, snow and wind and with underfloor heating ensures special comfort.

4. Extra comfort with "roof terrace" for cozy room tigers

You can be jealous of this great place to sleep, because it is as comfortable as it looks. With a cave to hide and an extra "roof terrace", this royal cat house also offers space for two and has what it takes to be a favorite accessory. The cozy plush cover is machine washable at 30 degrees.

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