Stomach twist: This is how the vet treats it

A stomach turn needs to be treated within a few hours for your dog to survive. The veterinarian usually has no other option but to open the animal's belly and bring the stomach back into the correct position. Aftercare is also extremely important. The dog usually has to be operated on when the stomach is turned - Image: Shutterstock / Robert Hoetink

When the stomach of the dog has turned around its axis, the entrance and exit of the organ are closed so that gases can no longer escape. Your dog can neither vomit nor excrete feces. To prevent the stomach from becoming bloated and dying from lack of oxygen, you need to go to a veterinary clinic as soon as possible and inform them in advance so that the operation can be prepared.

Surgery is hardly avoidable when the stomach is turned

The vet will first stabilize your dog's circulation until anesthesia is possible. The animal is given an infusion. The doctor then tries to degas the stomach with a special syringe. He pierces the abdominal wall with the needle, creating an opening through which the pent-up gases can escape.

In order for the stomach to be brought back into its original position, the four-legged friend must almost always be operated on. If parts of the stomach or spleen have already been damaged by poor circulation, the doctor will remove parts of them. He then rinses the stomach several times to completely empty it. It may also be possible to sew the stomach onto the abdominal wall to prevent further stomach rotation.

The next few days are critical

If the digestive organ could be saved and the dog survived - the death rate is up to 30 percent - the four-legged friend has to survive further critical days and hours. The vet will keep him in the clinic or practice and give him infusions. Due to the lack of blood circulation, toxins are believed to have entered the bloodstream through the stomach wall and could damage other organs. There is a risk of blood clots, kidney failure and irregular heartbeat. Constant observation by a specialist is therefore extremely important.

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