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Keeping Pit Bull Terrier: You should be aware of this

The Pit Bull Terrier is considered a dangerous breed of dog in most states. Therefore, before purchasing a four-legged friend of this breed, you should familiarize yourself with the regulations in your area of ​​residence. With the right upbringing, this cold mustache can also become a loyal watchdog or even a family and companion dog. This cute pit bull puppy is not allowed anywhere - Shutterstock / dezi

It is not easy for a pit bull terrier - its reputation as a fighting dog often precedes it and makes it difficult to acquire. Like every other dog, he wants nothing more than a lot of love and affection, but he also needs clear rules. It is less advisable for beginners to hold a pit bull; in experienced hands, however, he becomes a reliable family member.

Pit Bull Terrier: Acquisition Allowed?

Depending on the federal state, there are different regulations regarding so-called list dogs - these are dog breeds that are considered dangerous. With the exception of Lower Saxony, the pit bull terrier is usually noted on this list. In Brandenburg it is again completely forbidden to hold a pit bull. Breeding and trading these animals are also not allowed there. In other regions there is the possibility to test these four-legged friends or to prove otherwise that they are normal dogs that pose no danger to anyone.

Sugar-sweet pit bull puppies to fall in love with

Beginners shouldn't hold a pit bull

Nonetheless, pit bulls are rather unsuitable for people who have no experience in keeping dogs. The four-legged friend is a real bundle of energy and has a pronounced hunting instinct. He also likes to climb and is very playful. That means that he needs a lot of attention and employment to become a happy and dear friend of man. So plan enough time for games, agility training and other activities.

These dogs are usually affectionate, loyal and friendly towards their owner. Even with children, they usually get along well if they are well socialized. Attending a dog school makes sense for these special four-legged friends so that they learn how to behave towards other dogs.

Grooming made easy

As tricky as buying and keeping a pit bull can be, maintaining this breed is very easy. The short fur of the four-legged friend is satisfied with petting and does not have to be brushed. Furthermore, the pit bull is considered robust and not extremely susceptible to diseases. There are also no known inherited diseases.

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