Cat food without grain: a quality feature?

Cat food without grain: a quality feature?

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High quality cat food is an important component for the health and vitality of a velvet paw. Cat food without cereals is considered to be of particularly high quality - but is the low or nonexistent cereal content in the feed really important? As high-quality and healthy as the cat food is - it is also important that your kitty likes it - Shutterstock / Okssi

"You are what you eat" - a saying that can be applied not only to humans, but also to four-legged friends. Healthy eating is essential when it comes to issues such as health, well-being and activity. The selection in supermarkets and in specialist shops is large, which is why a conscious cat owner should compare well. The percentage of grain is really crucial: cat food without grain is generally of higher quality.

Cat food without grain is based on natural nutrition

Cats are carnivores by nature. Therefore, the meat content in cat food should predominate, not least because good meat is easier to digest for the fur noses. Cat food should contain at least two thirds of meat. In the meat, the Stubentiger find high-quality proteins and other important nutrients, such as essential amino acids such as taurine. Cat food without cereals is easier to digest, since cereals usually contain too many carbohydrates, which a cat with its comparatively short digestive tract cannot utilize all of them. It is better if the remaining third in the feed consists of nutritious plant components. But there are also quality differences in grain-free cat food.

High quality cat food: what does it matter?

High quality cat food is especially important for a healthy diet of your house tiger. But…

Pay attention to quality: Beware of sugar and additives

Grain-free cat food is not necessarily of high quality. Even though wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn, millet and rice can do without hard-to-digest carbohydrates, it doesn't have to be free of other additives that are not good for your cat. You should avoid foods that contain sugar, artificial flavors and flavor enhancers. Meat, fish or poultry should be the main ingredients, in high quality form. Instead of grain, the necessary carbohydrates and fiber are added to the cat food by adding vegetables. Finally, it is important: it must taste good, no matter what food it is.

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