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Get suitable dog harnesses from specialist retailers

If you want to buy a dog harness for your four-legged friend, you have the choice between various chic, practical and very simple models. Which is right for your dog? We have put together a small selection for you here. This terrier is already equipped with a suitable dog harness - Image: Shutterstock / Terry Watt

Many dog ​​owners choose to buy dog ​​harnesses for their darling instead of a collar. Especially if a dog has not yet learned to walk and pull on a loose leash, this decision makes sense. If you are looking for a suitable model for your dog, you should first consider some basic things for the fit of a dog harness. He should also measure his dog to determine the right size for him. You can then purchase a suitable item from specialist retailers or from an online mail order company. You can choose from various models with a very classic design or pretty prints. There are also special designs for large and small dogs as well as for night walks.

All-round dog harness for every situation

Julius K9 power harness

Many different sizes, an ergonomic shape, the reflective chest strap and the pressure-tested seat belts make this chic item a real all-rounder. So that it does not get boring, you can purchase this dog harness with different prints.

Karlie Artsportiv Plus Harness Step and Go

This simple model is made of high quality, soft nylon and is easy and quick to clean. It is available in many bright colors and is equipped with a practical safety click closure. You can adjust it continuously.

Nicely printed and with an eye-catcher guarantee

Trixie XDog harness

This dog harness not only looks beautiful, it also has a very comfortable fit due to its soft padding. It contains two small pockets that you can use, for example, for your pet's tax stamp. The matching printed Velcro stickers are available separately.

Trixie Modern Art Rose Heart H-Harness

With this model, the "Trixie" brand offers dog owners various colorful dog harness variants that add some color to your daily walk. The dishes are not only pretty to look at, they are also sturdy and infinitely adjustable.

For more safety in the dark: dog harness with reflectors

Trixie Silver Reflect harness

This dog harness gives the dog owner a secure feeling even in the dark, because his dog is well visible thanks to the reflective material and better protected from car and bicycle riders. For even more safety, you can also attach an LED turn signal to the collar - but these are controversial among animal lovers.

Trixie Flash soft dishes

The "Flash" soft tableware is quick and easy to put on thanks to its snap locks and ensures greater safety for people and animals in the evening and at night. The visibility range is up to 500 meters. An additional battery-operated flashing or steady light is also integrated in the article.

XS models: dog harness for small dogs

Karlie Teeny-Weeny mini dog harness

Pretty and cute: As the name suggests, this dog harness is suitable for small dog breeds and puppies. You can choose between three color options and you don't have to worry about your protégé even in the dark, because the article has reflective stripes on the chest strap.

Kerbl puppy dishes

The Kerbl puppy harness is made of soft material and is adjustable with a Velcro fastener. It has a snap closure in the neck area. A flexible line is also included.

You can find an even larger selection of dog harnesses here.

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