Products with taurine for cats

Products with taurine for cats

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It is not without reason that taurine is contained in almost every commercially available cat food, because the daily supply of taurine through food is important for the cat and its health. Many taurine-containing supplements and snacks are also commercially available. Here are a few examples. Products with taurine for cats - Image: Shutterstock / Gemenacom

1. Taurine as a supplementary feed

A cat that does not consume enough taurine daily with its normal wet or dry food can be fed with a dietary supplement, possibly in consultation with the veterinarian. This is usually added to the feed over a certain period of time. The feeding recommendations are given on the product.

2. Taurine paste for in between

Most house tigers are enthusiastic about paste as a tasty snack in between. This paste contains taurine, but of course no sugar, and can simply be added from the tube, on a spoon or over the food. The manufacturer's feeding recommendation is around five centimeters of paste per day.

3. Cat snacks with a healthy addition

Because taurine is so important for cat health, the ingredients of most cat snacks should not be missing. This taurine-containing variety is one of many different types of snacks available in pet supplies stores and is said to delight cats with their chicken flavor.

4. Further information on healthy cat nutrition

How much taurine do cats need and which dietary supplements are important? What else needs to be considered when feeding? A book on feeding cats offers detailed explanations about cat food and is therefore a popular accessory in the household of pet owners.

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