Choosing a sisal scratching post: These models are available

The sisal scratching post is the classic cat scratching post. It is cheap and available in different versions. Usually it consists of hard cardboard tubes, which are covered with sisal and plush, and offers different play, resting and hiding options for your cat. Ragdoll cats are born white, their point pattern only develops over time - Image: Shutterstock / cath5

Sisal is a stable, robust natural fiber that is harmless to cats and is normally used for the production of ropes, ropes and carpets. Since the production of a sisal scratching post is quite cheap and simple, the cat owner has the choice between many different simple and extravagant models, on which the cat can sharpen its claws and let off steam. To find out which scratching furniture is best for your cat, it is advisable to compare. That is why we are presenting some common models that you can purchase from specialist retailers and online.

Inexpensive and simple: Small scratching posts for your cat

Cat scratching post Leika

This small cat tree is covered with cozy plush and invites you to play and hide with a cave. It is space-saving and also fits in the small apartment.

Trixie scratching post

Practical: This sisal scratching post fits in every corner and has three scratching surfaces for cats of all ages. A rattling toy and two squeaking balls should increase the fun.

Playful and cute: beautiful sisal scratching furniture

Cat Tree Flower

A flower bed for your cat: this cat tree looks cute and awakens the cat's hunting instinct with plush mice that make noises.

Scratch wave Alia

This scratch toy with the chic shape contains a removable and washable cuddly pillow for cozy room tigers.

Totally cozy: sisal scratching posts with sleeping space

Baza scratching post

Good night little kitten. With this cat tree, your room tiger probably cannot decide whether to take a little time to play or rather to sleep.

Cat tree longue

Sofa or cat tree? This cute toy is both for your cat and can even accommodate two. And after waking up the claws can be sharpened.

Large and extravagant: scratching furniture that leaves nothing to be desired

Cat tree creative

Whether hammock, play fishing, sleeping place or cave to hide: this cat tree in fashionable colors offers the cat everything the heart desires!

Cat tree Empire

Your cat can climb high on this scratching post, enjoy the view and devote yourself to the pleasure of playing as you please.

You can find an even larger selection of scratching posts here.

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