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Buying original equipment for kittens: tips

Buying kittens for kittens is sometimes not that easy. Especially not when you bring a four-legged friend into the house for the first time. Here is a small list of the most important things for your new house tiger: Buying kittens: In the beginning everything is exciting! - Image: Shutterstock / kritskaya

What does a kitten need? On the one hand, of course, enough space, lots of time and attention from its owner and a colleague, a cozy place to sleep and a suitable retreat. In addition, various cat items should be available, which you can buy in specialist shops or via an online mail order company. These include food bowl, cat litter box, toys, brushes and these other beautiful things:

Drinking and feeding bowls for your kitten

Cat bowl Tigrito

We were particularly taken with this pretty cat bowl. It is made of sturdy stainless steel and gives two kittens the opportunity to eat head to head. It is also a real eye-catcher in the apartment and is available in the colors gray, black, yellow and light blue.

Karlie cat bowl

Simple and romantic: The little Karlie cat bowl is wonderful for the initial equipment of your kittens and has an original motif that is almost as cute as your new cat itself. The bowl is made of ceramic and is hand-painted.

Time for the cuddle lesson: a place to sleep for your kitten

Cuddly bed My Kitty Darling

Do you want your kitten to be really cozy? Admittedly, most cats choose their own sleeping place and prefer to cuddle up in Herrchen's bed. But is this fluffy bed still beautiful and maybe the right thing for your room tiger?


This cave is made of wicker and softly padded pillows. The high-quality and exceptionally pretty basket offers the cats a particularly nice and cozy retreat, where you can make yourself comfortable for two.

Great play opportunities for miniature tigers

Trixie Scratching Post

Practice climbing: on the fluffy little scratching post, your little velvet paw can do gymnastics to your heart's content and take a break in the lying hollow or the little rustling tunnel. The tree is delivered in the color cream.

Cat toy "Cheese"

This cute toy comes in chic orange and offers the curious cat many small play options. It can hunt, hide and of course use the cozy fleece corner as a sleeping and observation post!

Caring for and keeping your kitten

Comb and brush set for kittens

Not only those who have bought a long-haired kitten are doing themselves a favor by getting their kitten used to brushing at an early stage. This set in pink / black contains comb and brush and is easy to clean.

Cat litter box Hawai

And last but not least, of course, the litter box is part of the perfect basic equipment in a cat household. For small cats it should not have too high a margin so that they can climb in easily.

An even larger selection of equipment for your kitten can be found here.

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