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Agility is a dog sport that offers dog and master play, sport, fun and entertainment for the brains. If you want to practice a bit with your dog, you will find a wide variety of equipment for the sports cannons from the dog world to train at home or in the course. The hurdle: an important agility obstacle - Image: Shutterstock / Burry van den Brink

Agility is a dog sport in which the animal has to overcome a variety of obstacles, using its skill and intelligence. It is open to all breeds and a wonderful opportunity not only to keep animals busy but also to strengthen the bond between the owner and the pet. Agility can be practiced as a professional dog sport or at home and for fun. After a few tips for beginners and with the right equipment, you can get started quickly. If you want to buy equipment yourself, you will find it in pet stores or via an online mail order company.

Indispensable: agility tunnel

Agility tunnel

Practical: With its dimensions of 500 x 60 centimeters, this agility tunnel is perfect for dog sports and can be attached to the floor as prescribed in sports. It is foldable and set up within a few seconds.

game tunnel

This small play tunnel is well suited for getting used to the slightly longer model from the agility course. It has a size of 60 x 200 centimeters and is supplied with eyelets and pegs. It is very popular for playing in the garden.

Agility leaps: now it's high!

Trixie agility hurdle

Hurdles are one of the most common obstacles and should be skipped without the loose pole falling down. This plastic hurdle is adjustable in height and can be set up just as quickly as it can be stowed away again in the protective cover after training.

Dog activity agility ring

Jumping through a tire is also part of the agility course. In contrast to the hurdle, it may be touched. This set is available in orange / blue and the tire has a diameter of 65 centimeters.

Slalom and contact zone obstacles

Dog agility slalom

A slalom run in dog sports follows clear guidelines. For example, the dog must enter the obstacle from the right in front of the first pole. This set contains twelve plastic poles, ground nails, a protective cover and tips for the right training.

Dog agility seesaw

The seesaw is one of the contact zone obstacles. It demands a small act of balance from the dog and offers him some variety in the fitness program. The special coating gives the dog support and has the dimensions of 300 x 54 x 34 centimeters.

An even larger selection of agility devices for dogs can be found here.

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