Dog coats for rainy days: Different models

Whether sick, old or particularly sensitive to cold and rain: some dogs are dependent on a warm, waterproof raincoat to stay healthy and alert in all weathers. There are very different variants for different requirements. Dog coats for rainy days - Image: Shutterstock / Elena Elisseeva

1. Simple, classic and transparent

If you are looking for a simple version that can be folded up small and is within reach for emergencies, this transparent raincoat may be the right one for your pet. It is available in many different sizes and also has an infinitely adjustable belt, so fitting it shouldn't be a problem.

2. Luminous version for dark rainy days

Walks in the dark and in rainy weather are not only uncomfortable, but can also be dangerous if humans and animals are not properly equipped and are clearly visible to cars and other road users. This reflective, neon yellow and waterproof raincoat can be seen from afar and is therefore very suitable for the darker seasons.

3. Raincoat with a hood

The raincoat with a hood is a wintry model with stable, waterproof material and extra headgear. This can make sense, for example, if a dog is injured and is not allowed to get wet or is particularly sensitive. This coat is also available in many different sizes so that it fits the four-legged friend perfectly.

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