Squeaky dog ​​toys are fun!

Squeaky dog ​​toys are one of the most popular jobs for four-legged friends. No matter whether young or old dog: With squeaky toys, it just plays great. Here are a few models that promise fun. Squeaky dog ​​toys are fun! - Image: Shutterstock / Maja H.

1. Extra fun with the rubber mat

This dog toy in a sweet sheep look has it all, because it squeaks in several places. Extra fun and long durability are two great advantages of the toy. In addition, it is easy to clean and can also serve as a cuddly pillow.

2. Squirrel hide and seek game against boredom

This squeaky toy looks exciting and is well suited for the demanding occupation of young and old dogs, which are sometimes plagued by boredom. The plush squirrels can be hidden in the trunk and taken out, so that the four-legged friend has to make a little effort to free the squirrels from their hiding place. That is fun!

3. Squeaky ball: the classic

A simple squeaky ball should not be missing in any dog ​​household. This popular dog toy is suitable for throwing, rolling around and retrieving. It is nice and light, robust and available in different colors. Its diameter is seven centimeters.

4. Set for playful four-legged friends

For dogs who can't get enough of great toys and love variety, whole sets are a wonderful idea and available at a great price. For example, this dog toy set contains a rope, a dog disc, a tennis ball and a small squeak bone. Then the fun can begin!

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