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Stable and safe: dog harness for puppies

If you want to practice walking with your puppy on a leash, a dog harness is a safe and particularly dog-friendly variant. Your little friend can neither wriggle out, nor is he choked on a dog's leash - it is important that you find a model that fits your young dog well and is especially suitable for small four-legged friends. Stable and safe: dog harness for puppies - Image: Shutterstock / Anna Hoychuk

1. Simple dog harness for small dogs

With its small price, this dog harness is also suitable as an entry-level model and for dogs that are still growing and will probably need larger harnesses in the foreseeable future. It is very light and can be handled safely and easily with an unbreakable fixation buckle. It is available in black and fits dogs with a chest size of 51 to 67 cm.

2. Colorful, reflective model in small

This harness offers colorful variety for very small, light dogs. It is available in many different colors and is reflective, so that there is more safety when walking in the dark. The dog harness is suitable for puppies and for mini dog breeds, for example the Chihuahua, and can be selected in different sizes.

3. Soft dishes with a leash

This puppy harness is available in the colors blue, red, pink, orange and black and comes with a simple, 1.5 meter long leash in the same color. Different sizes from S to XL allow you to measure the young dog exactly beforehand and order a suitable model.

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