Dog collar and leash with glow effect

Luminous collars, rings and leashes ensure that your pet is clearly visible to car and bicycle riders even when walking in the dark. We would like to introduce you to a few practical models that can not only be used in autumn and winter. Dog collar and leash with light effect - Image: Shutterstock / Joy Brown

1. Clearly visible in the dark with the luminous collar

A brightly colored luminous collar is noticeable from afar even at night and in fog and thus ensures the safety of your fur nose. You can choose between different sizes and colors and, if necessary, combine the luminous collar with a leash or blanket.

2. Almost unmistakable: the light ring

A light ring is also suitable for securing dogs at night and is available in different versions. Red, light green, blue or yellow bands glow in the dark thanks to battery operation and the flashing provides additional safety. Of course, these accessories are also available for different dog sizes.

3. Practical at night: the neon dog leash

A neon leash is a beautiful, luminous addition to the light collar and also secures the dog owner a little: after all, he has the other end of the leash in his hand. The practical roll line can be pulled out up to five meters and is a good companion for walks in the dark.

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