Four times cat food - made without animal testing

If you have a house tiger, you probably want to feed it with food for which no other animals have suffered. The manufacturers of these four delicious types of feed refrain from animal testing. Four times cat food - made entirely without animal testing - Image: Shutterstock / Nailia Schwarz

1. Delicious dry food for sensitive cats

This dry food is not only made without the use of animal experiments, it is also particularly easy to digest. So if your house tiger has a sensitive stomach, this cat food may be worth a try.

2. Organic cat food with beef

The tasty wet food with beef consists only of ingredients that come from controlled organic cultivation. This manufacturer also refrains from animal testing and instead relies on the ecological regulation.

3. Poultry delicacy - completely without cereals

If you want to completely do without cereals in cat food, you can use this type of food. The wet food with duck and poultry is not only produced without animal testing, it is also gluten-free and without any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

4. Gourmet food made from fresh meat

Only freshly slaughtered meat was used in the production of this cat food. It consists of 86 percent meat and was produced without any chemical colors, fragrances and attractants. No animal tests are carried out on this brand either.

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