Buying cozy sleeping places for cats: tips

Cats love cozy places. No wonder, because they sleep and doze around twenty hours a day. It's a good thing there are so many nice sleeping places for cats, one of which is more beautiful than the other! Cuddling time for cats: There are many great cups for this - Picture: Shutterstock / Gutzemberg

Cave, window sill or royal comfort - most cats have a preference for where to sleep. Anyone who wants to give his parlor tiger a nice gift is certainly not wrong with a cozy present. You can purchase a wide variety of cute models with which you can give your cat the most beautiful dreams via online mail order or specialist retailers. We would like to introduce you to some great ideas here.

Sweet sleeping places to "hang out"

Hammock "Siesta Tiger"

We think this little plush hammock is very cute! If you don't want to swing your velvet paw, the mat can also be easily attached to the wooden frame.

Basin for heating

This place looks so warm and cozy that you as a person could get jealous. The bed has a stable construction and can be attached to all common heating models.

Funny eye-catchers for the living room

Beanbag for cats

Bean bags are not just for people and your cat is guaranteed to feel good on this chic "throne". The cover can be removed and washed at 30 ° C. The cuddle fun can begin!

Sleeping Nest

For sweet dreams: This cozy couch is made of a stable metal frame and a trough covered with fluffy plush. It is wonderful for sleeping, "chilling" and watching.

Exceptionally extravagant

"Diva" cat house

Does your cat like to show off its princess side? Then this sleeping place is definitely the right thing for you. It not only looks beautiful, but also leaves nothing to be desired with a cave to retreat to and a roof terrace.
Wicker baskets with a sunroof

With its two cushions, this noble, beautiful basket offers several cats a place to sleep. It is available in two colors (brown and black) and is particularly practical thanks to the removable and washable cushions.

Sleeping places to cuddle up and hide


Do you have a favorite color? Then you will definitely find what you are looking for in this cuddly cave, because it is available in five different colors and designs. Her popularity with dogs and cats also proves that she is just as cozy as she looks.
Big Ben Cat Cave

The "Big Ben" is hand-woven from willow and equipped with fluffy lying surfaces. The elegant design makes it an attraction in the living room and is also highly functional.

You can find an even larger selection of sleeping furniture for your cat here.

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