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Caring for Maine Coon cats appropriately: Part 2

Like all kittens, young Maine Coons are curious and playful - Image: Shutterstock / Okeanas

The first part of our Maine Coon special was all about fun and games with this special cat. Part two is now to provide a small overview of the nutrition and care of the big house tiger.

Nutrition and care of the Maine Coon cat

The Maine Coon cat needs a balanced diet, which should be as low in calories as possible from the age of five - it quickly tends to become overweight. Special food for Maine Coons is available in specialist shops, but overall - as with all cats - attention should be paid to high-quality ingredients and a high meat content.

When sleeping and in the litter box for the Maine Coon, you should make sure that both are made especially for large cat breeds. The litter box should be made of plastic and, if it is open, should have an inwardly sloping, removable edge so that it is easier to clean.

Brush Maine Coon cats

The fur of the Maine Coon is long and dense, but a little easier to care for than the fur of other long-haired house tigers. It consists of a - usually not too thick - undercoat and half-length top coat. Usually it doesn't tend to felt as much as that of the Persian cat.

Nevertheless, regular brushing is very pleasant for many cats. It removes loose fur before the cat swallows it while cleaning, and allows the skin to breathe, is used for massage and for the search for parasites. Do not forget the puffs of hair on the cat's paws. Any matting can be untangled with your fingers or carefully brushed out with a comb. Depending on the density of the undercoat, a special brush such as a furminator is also recommended.

Accessories for Maine Coon fans

If you want to get more involved with the breed before buying your cat, you can find many books and guides that deal specifically with this breed in specialist shops and online mail order. Especially those who are not yet sure whether they can offer the Maine Coon a beautiful and species-appropriate home will find a good start-up aid.

And for fans of the breed who cannot keep their own, we have also discovered a small consolation patch: a cute Maine Coon cuddly toy that is of course also perfect for young cat lovers to practice with!

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