Tips for a beautiful dog fur: accessories for at home

Regular coat care is important for dogs and the recipe for a shiny, parasite-free and healthy coat. But how often and when should you care for your beloved four-legged friend with the brush, and what aids are there? Tips for a beautiful dog fur: accessories for at home - Image: Shutterstock / Jennie Book

Brushing your dog frees him of old, dead fur and ensures that new ones can grow back. At the same time, he does something for the inner well-being of his four-legged friend: care units with the brush promote blood circulation and are like a massage for the dog. So they can be easily connected to the pats and - as a positive side effect - ensure a healthy and smooth coat.

How often should a dog be brushed?

It is advisable to groom a short-haired dog approximately once a week. A long-haired dog, on the other hand, can and should be brushed several times a week, depending on the coat structure. If the four-legged friend's skin tends to become matted, it is important to invest enough time in grooming.

During the change of fur in spring and autumn and during the warm season, the dog needs a little more support and should be brushed several times a week. Which accessories are suitable depends on the dog breed, dog age and the desired grooming effect:

The brush: classic for dog care

Every dog ​​owner should have a normal dog brush in the house. Sensitive and young dogs like to be brushed with soft natural bristle or rubber nub brushes. These are suitable for the gentle and gentle removal of dust and loose hair and can always be used in between.

Brushes for special needs

Double-sided brushes, on the other hand, are good for grooming dogs with long to medium-long fur and have one side that can be used to remove matting in the undercoat. The other can be used to clean the top coat of dust and other dirt. A massage comb is good for the blood circulation in the dog's skin and the well-being of the four-legged friend. He also makes the fur shine.

Detangling and parasite prevention with the comb

A fine-toothed comb is not only suitable for freeing the dog of dead hair, but also for examining it for parasites such as fleas, mites and ticks. A rake comb, on the other hand, is made for long, thick fur and is intended to untangle and untie the dog's hair in a way that is gentle on the fur.

Furminator for dogs with thick fur

A Furminator is responsible for the de-felting and thinning of the undercoat and is available in various designs from online retailers and retailers. It removes loose hair easily and effectively - but you should use it carefully and neither press it on too hard nor brush it against the grain. The different models are adapted to the dog's fur length and size.

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