Practical: automatic water dispenser for cats

A water dispenser is not only intended to make water enjoyment more attractive for room tigers, but also to ensure that fresh and clean drinking water is always available. There are different models for this. Practical: Automatic water dispenser for cats - Image: Shutterstock / Orhan Cam

1. Simple dispenser for water or feed

This water dispenser model is very simple and is suitable for both water and dry food. Around 0.6 liters of fresh drinking water can be stored in the robust container. It is easy to clean and has a particularly stable stand thanks to its anti-slip feet.

2. Popular with cats: the drinking fountain

A drinking fountain can be a worthwhile purchase if your pet rarely uses his water bowl - many cats simply prefer to drink running water and it comes out of such a fountain fresh and filtered. The drinking fountain has a capacity of around two liters.

3. Twice as practical: dispenser for food and water

This water and food dispenser can be used for cats or dogs and can be filled with both dry food and water. The portioning of the dry food can be regulated, while the water dispenser ensures a constant water level.

Drinking lazy cats: Encourage house tigers to slurp water

If cats are lazy to drink and absorb too little fluid, this can lead to kidney failure in the long term ...

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