Feeding bowls for cats: tips and trends

Cat owners are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the right food bowl for their house tiger. Which ones are there, where should they be installed and which is the right one for your cat? A nice bowl for your cat: Tips - Image: Shutterstock / Krylova Ksenia

The right place for the food bowl

The right place for a food bowl should be in a quiet area and not in the immediate vicinity of the drinking bowl or the litter box. For the sake of your own floor, you can put a protective mat under the bowls, of which there are many sweet and chic variants.

Since bacteria can quickly develop at the feeding place, the bowl should only be filled with as much food as the cat may eat. It is best to dispose of leftovers immediately, because most cats no longer touch food that has stood for a while.

What kind of food bowls are there?

When choosing a food bowl, it is important to ensure that it is practical and easy to clean. Plastic bowls are just as suitable for this as stainless steel or ceramic bowls. Plastic models have the advantage that they are particularly cheap and are available in a wide variety of colorful versions.

Stainless steel food bowls are very stable, while ceramic bowls are particularly aesthetic - but they are often in a somewhat higher price range. Non-slip food bowls with an extra rubber coating on the bottom are particularly suitable for stormy cats who tend to push their bowl around while eating.

Owners of two cats will find nice double feeding bowls in the shops so that the velvet paws can eat head to head. And for cat owners who like to sleep a little longer in the morning, there are food bowls that open themselves thanks to a timer.

Chic food bowls: the most colorful trends for cats

If you like it colorful, you will quickly find your favorite among the cat bowls, because there are no limits to the great color variations. Time-controlled feeding bowls are probably the most practical trends among the food bowls, while a sweet bowl from "Simon's Cat" is also a wonderful gift for a friend of yours.

And if you are looking for something very special, you will find many unusual ideas in specialist shops and online mail order. Our favorite is a chic model that is a food bowl and storage for cat food at the same time. Of course in the form of a cat!

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