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Advent calendar for dogs: sweet ideas

If you want to embellish your dog's Christmas season with an animal-friendly Advent calendar, there are various options. With these beautiful ideas you can conjure up 24 beautiful dog surprises in the run-up to Christmas. Advent calendar for dogs - Image: Shutterstock / dezi

1. Simple, cute and inexpensive: classic advent calendar

This pretty advent calendar comes with many nice variations for dogs. Small bones, drops and treats ensure that you have a little surprise ready for your four-legged friend every day in the run-up to Christmas.

2. Waiting for Christmas with the mini advent calendar

If you have already decorated your house with so much Christmas decorations that there is hardly any space for an advent calendar, you may find the right calendar for your dog in this mini model. Pretty, simple and pocket-sized, it can be placed anywhere and is filled with special and supplementary feed.

3. Chic and practical: the tasty garland

This advent calendar garland not only looks pretty and decorative, it also has a very big advantage: it can be used every year. The bags are filled with delicious dog biscuits when you buy them, but you can of course refill them every year.

4. Simple advent calendar with small chewing bones

If your dog cannot get enough of chewing bones, an advent calendar with 24 pieces is definitely the right thing for him. This model is simple and has a nice Christmas design - then the Advent season can come!

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