Dental care for dogs can be this delicious

Delicious dog snacks are not only a welcome change for your four-legged friend because they taste good. Special dental care snacks are also healthy and strengthen your dog's teeth. Here are some ideas for you. Dental care for dogs can be this delicious - Image: Shutterstock / Jaromir Chalabala

1. Classic as sticks

These dental sticks not only help to reduce tartar and plaque in your four-legged friend, most dogs also like the delicious chicken taste. The dental care secret of the sticks lies in the shape: when chewed, they almost act like a toothbrush and thus also remove deposits in the interstices.

2. Animal tasty dental care

This tasty dental care snack for your four-legged friend looks absolutely awesome in its crocodile shape. But the special appearance is also a real advantage when it comes to dental care. The small pimples of the crocodile shell train your dog's chewing muscles on the one hand, and on the other hand they clean teeth and gums and thus avoid plaque. Vitamins and minerals provide an additional nutrient kick.

3. Brush your teeth differently

A dog should brush teeth? Not exactly, but your dog has a lot to chew on these toothbrush snacks. The firm bristles offer a special nibbling challenge and are therefore good training for the chewing muscles. There are toothbrushes with chlorophyll, calcium and a mix of different ingredients.

4. Chew snacks against plaque

These chewing bones with chicken taste particularly good - and provide your four-legged friend with important minerals. The classic bone shape offers chewing and nibbling fun that is healthy at the same time and cares for the teeth. Plaque is effectively removed and the formation of new plaque is prevented.

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