It's fun: scratching posts for claw sharpening

Placing a scratching opportunity in every room is ideal for cats and their needs. But what do you actually do with rooms in which there is little space? Scratching posts are one of the ways to set up a space-saving place for claw sharpening. It's fun: sharpening scratching posts to claw - Image: Shutterstock / fantom_rd

1. Large scratching post for climbing up and out

This large scratching post brings everything a cat's heart desires: space to cuddle, to hide, to rest, and of course to sharpen your claws. You can attach the column to the wall so that it is stable and durable, even if kittens run around.

2. Small, fluffy model for a lot of fun

This scratching post not only brings a surface for sharpening the claws, but also a nice, fluffy look and a lot of extra fun in a small area. Rattle balls and toys on spiral springs challenge the hunting instinct and invite you to romp.

3. Very simple and wonderfully stable

This scratching post is suitable for kittens of all ages and with its simple design it actually fits in any room. It is equipped with several toys and has three sisal surfaces on which your pet can neatly grind its claws.

4. Beautiful and practical: scratching post for corners of the room

With its shape, this 58 cm high scratching post fits very well in room corners and is therefore particularly space-saving. It is available in brown and has a bee on the rubber band, so that the fun is even greater.

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